Announcing Tenant Councils of San Diego

Tenants from across San Diego, California are uniting together as Tenant Councils of San Diego. We are tired of tolerating poor living conditions, rising rent prices, and management neglect, all in the name of profits for the landlord class. 

We envision a San Diego where every tenant is a member of a Tenant Council in their apartment complex, where everyone is guaranteed housing as a human right, and where tenants actually have power over their lives and homes!

If you are a tenant and you are interested in organizing a Tenant Council where you live, join us! We will be posting updates on this site as we continue to organize and build tenant power.

Solidarity forever, and all power to the people!

Marcos R


  1. When is your next workshop??
    My rent keeps going up. I’m 74 and this is getting out of hand!

    • You’re definitely not the only one! Our next workshop is January 14th, 2023, but if you’re interested in speaking to an organizer one on one before then, send an email to tenantcouncilssandiego@gmail.com


  2. Help! My daughter (single mom, 12 yr old daughter) have nothing but horror stories regarding a string of cruel landlords that have caused her to move 12 times. She thought she had finally found a good place and signed a year lease. She and my granddaughter literally have major PTSD related to home insecurity and I could tell you a story about the last landlord that would curl your hair. She has been in her new place for just four months. She called me up hysterical and crying saying that her current landlord called her today and said he’s selling and she’ll have to move. This is outrageous and she can’t do it. The last forced move horror story caused extreme emotional trauma and massive financial distress. Upon research I see now that he violated several laws, but she’s so scared of landlords now that she didn’t fight back. This time, I want to help her fight back. Enough is enough. How can you help us get started with the right information and FULLY understanding all her legal rights? I’ve been researching for hours tonight. Especially looking at the recently passed Renter Protection Ordinance (too bad it’s not like West Hollywood’s one.
    A very worried mother in Santa Fe, NM
    Sara West

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