Organizing Office Hours – December

Since our most recent article, we’ve received a number of San Diego tenants reach out to us seeking advice on issues they are facing with their landlord, which more than anything is a reminder of how widely shared all of our struggles are! 

To support all of these San Diego renters who have reached out to us recently, in the short term we are planning to have office hours over zoom, as well as looking forward to doing more organizing workshops in the future. Our next online office hours will be Thursday, December 8th at 6:00pm over Zoom. An organizer from Tenant Councils of San Diego will be there to help answer any questions you may have, as well as give you advice on how to organize with your neighbors

Please email fill out the form below, or email tenantcouncilssandiego@gmail.com to receive the zoom link. 


Tenant Councils of San Diego

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